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Land Your Dream Job

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At 58 Melissa had her dream job, a marketing exec with a large Bay Area radio station; sales numbers were good, she was well known in her field, felt confident in her position, nice salary...And then boom! They decided to restructure.

Oh wait and then it was in November of 2019, you have the holidays coming-never a great time to look for a career-and then yes! COVID

It took a lot of effort, time and research but by staying open to all possibilities including a franchise Melissa did end up landing her dream job. Ageism is a thing, but there are jobs out there you just need to do the work to find them.

If you are looking to start a new career or even a new business then listen to Melissa's story; she provides tips and resources you may not be aware of.

In short:

Research things like job trends for women over 50.

Research companies that you might be interested in working for then reach out to them directly on LinkedIn. Or better yet see if one of your LinkedIn followers has any connection to that company.

Take a temporary job to relieve the financial stress.

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