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Book suggestions:

I begin my day by reading at least a few pages of a non-fiction book. Sometimes I pick a book to motivate me, educate or maybe I am feeling a slightly frustrated and just need a little encouragement. Some I have read and some were recommended to me others are listed because they were on the best seller's list.


And please email me with your thoughts and suggestions for future books. 

Much success,


Suggested Reads:

Atomic Habits

Published in 2018 this is still a must read-its that valuable- and if you have already read it we suggest that you pick it up again. 5 star rating with over 123,000 reviews, enough said

The Life Brief: A Playbook for No-Regrets Living

"We all have moments when we doubt the path we’re on. Is this the career for me? Am I in the right relationship? Is this as good as it gets? Enter The Life Brief, a simple yet effective playbook for navigating life’s decisions, crossroads, and curve-balls."

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal

"Bestselling authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz demonstrate in this groundbreaking book, managing energy, not time, is the key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness, and life balance."

The Slight Edge

Simple steps done daily leads to huge successes. I have been recommending this book since I first read it and still recommend it to this day. Weight loss, getting fit, building a business this book is a must read.

Please excuse our affiliate links its the best way we have found so far to share resources, we receive a small commission for each purchase.

Books written or co-written by our members:

Harvest Your Happy: A Farm Girl's Guide to Leading, Succeeding and Living Your Best Life

A friend, MWAW member and a kick a** woman. "In Harvest Your Happy, Camilla Gray-Nelson shares the life-changing principles that turned a farm girl into a successful entrepreneur, mentor and leadership trainer. The book shares her practical field-tested methods for growing happy relationships and nurturing attitude, gratitude and purpose in order to harvest ultimate happiness."


Lipstick and the Leash: Dog Training a Woman's Way

Also by Camilla Gray Nelson

"Women will find LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH insightful and helpful for improving their dogs’ behavior and, as the subtitle suggests, they will take away valuable lessons for becoming more effective in other areas of their life as well."

Time Alchemy: a Dynamic and Soulful Approach to Managing Your Time

By Ulrika Brattemar-friend, soul sister and MWAW member.

"This book is for you if:

  • You’ve tried every time management tip, trick, and technique “out there,” without a lasting effect.

  • You are tired of chasing time, carving out time, trying to stretch time to cover all your to-dos.

  • You are willing to courageously claim this one precious lifetime and prioritize your time according to what really matters."

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