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Networking group for women in business.
The girlfriends approach to building businesses.

We started this journey about five years ago with the idea of creating a group focused on celebrating women in business. Our goal was to not only be a networking & direct referral source but also to share our personal stories and paths leading us to the women we are today.
As business owners it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of running a small business and sometimes we forget to look up and appreciate what we have accomplished. We can also feel apprehension and isolation, or not as successful as we should be, or alone in the process.
And that is what MWAW is all about. A place to connect, to share, to feel supported, to learn and grow, to build friendships and of course have some fun. Cuz being a small business owner is not easy!
It is our hope that by reading this you will continue to follow us; to support our members and to grow along with us. We hope that you will find connections, stories that resonate and maybe even help heal. 
In every blog and podcast you will find a mix of business support and personal journeys. We call it "Life Happens" because we believe that what we have gone through in the past (and even currently) has made us stronger and more resilient and hopefully we can support you too. Our podcasts can be found on all podcast formats under "Women at Work, Life Happens".
Much success,
Karen Kilian
Founder Marin Women at Work

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