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Flexibility with accountability/MWAW & SWAW Guidelines

1. Although events are not mandatory, participation is encouraged.
2. Supporting other women in business is the key to the success of our groups, I will support the services of our members when appropriate.

3.We are a networking/direct referral group using our members page for solicitation purposes is forbidden.
4. I will abide by the MWAW & SWAW policies and conduct myself in an honest and professional manner. 

Terms and declarations

By submitting this Application, I agree to receive communications from or relating to Marin Women at Work and/or Sonoma Women at Work.

Any dispute arising out of this Application or my membership in MWAW or SWAW shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration. 

Karen Kilian and all members are not liable and/or responsible for any transactions between consumers and/or businesses and cannot be cited, sued or held legally responsible for any reason. Each individual business is solely responsible for all personal and business dealings. 

I certify that all statements made in this application are true and correct. I understand any misrepresentations or false statements may be grounds for rejecting my application or may subject me to immediate termination at MWAW/SWAW discretion without any reimbursement. A non-refundable payment received here of $150/  is for a one year member listing on one site only and does not include event fee's, additional advertisement or groups associated w/MWAW & SWAW.

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