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It's not you...its menopause!

Wow, when menopause hits, it hits hard. And why don't women talk about it more, because believe me, I wish I had been better prepared for the craziness to come. Not only did I have hot flashes, but I fell down my stairs, had stinky underarms (which I have never had before), couldn't get to the end of a book chapter and remember a word of what I had just read, my memory sucked and oh yeah those sleepless nights.

Hot flashes

My symptoms of menopause, like many of you, started with hot flashes. I was about 55 years old, and I would say the serious hot flashes lasted for a full year. I went from zero to high in a matter of days.

Underarm odor

Let me get back to smelly underarms, my goodness! I used to be a runner, it was my escape, my therapy. I would run 4-6 miles at least 4 days a week, sweat like crazy but no odor. And mind you I am single this is a bad thing to happen at this point in life... So, wipes are in the purse, wipes are in every bathroom and I have tried every deodorant available*.


Once when I was on a road trip with my then-boyfriend, I just wanted to burst out crying. We were having a lovely lovely time, but we spent hours in the car. And even with the AC and seat coolers on, I was absolutely miserable; I remember thinking if this goes on for years, I may actually go crazy.

In Short

I hope this helps you understand at the very least a little about menopause and how it affects us. We all experience it differently but just remember, talk about it, laugh about it, don't make rash decisions, and most importantly, remember you will get through it. Full Podcast Link


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