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Be smart and stay safe on your computer and online!

A must listen for online safety. In this podcast we discuss how to keep your computer safe from viruses and computer "creepers". Full podcast link

If you follow me you know this is an issue I am very sensitive to. I have been hacked and it has cost me time and money! Please listen to my podcast with Russell Jackman/Calmputer Consulting Services in it's entirety, where Russel explains in detail safety tips you can do to prevent this.

Be aware of phishing calls and emails. Apple, Google, Microsoft, the IRS etc will never call you. Hackers access your account partly by sending you emails. Email addresses that look similar to legit companies like Apple etc but the address is changed slightly-you open the wrong one and now they have access.

This is not meant to panic you but to make you aware that by taking a few precautions you can be safe online. Russell highly encourages adding anti virus security AND a firewall for additional security (both are available from the same security system).

Suggested systems:





From me: I highly recommend having a computer specialist contact. Someone you can call if your computer is threatened. And believe me it happens. I am very careful I had a "ransom" attack a few years ago on a different computer (also a MAC) and called my computer specialist and he was able to talk me thru and cancel the virus. Right after this podcast I hired Russell and installed Norton.

To contact Russell Jackman, please tell him you found him on our podcast.

(415) 892-2617


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