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Kickoff 2021 with Attitude!

Episode #15: 2021 with Attitude

MWAW Life Happens Podcast

Posted 2/5/2021 Length 00:10:36

Hi, I am Karen Kilian, founder of two Northern California Bay Area women’s business networking groups, Marin Women at Work and Sonoma Women at Work. Our Mission, to create a community of successful women in business. We are SOCIAL-we connect through luncheons and collaborative events, we are ACTIVE-we gather for hikes and golf, and WE CARE-many of our members have/and or support non-profits!


Episode 15 is our first episode for the 2021 year. In this short 10 minute episode, I talk about pulling myself out of covid complacency and how changing my perspective brought positive results to the Marin group’s expansion, the creation of the Sonoma group, and thoughts about expanding our reach out of state too. Also, introducing some books to read and activities to complete helps bring positivity and encouragement to our goals for 2021.

Full Podcast:

Episode 15

Covid put me in a funk for the first five months of 2020, but as the 4th quarter was getting close, I had to turn around my outlook and viewpoint. I had to clear the cobwebs by running and hiking.

After turning my attitude into a positive one, the Marin Women At Work (MWAW) networking group started growing and flourishing. I also founded the new Sonoma Women At Work (SWAW) networking group in the fourth quarter too. We are here to support women in business and lift each other.

“When women work together, anything is possible.”

In our January meeting, we declared our words of the year. I heard the words gratitude, sparkle, action, adventurous, resilient, and bold.

What is your word of the year, and how will you jump start your year?

Quick plug, Start by connecting with MWAW or SWAW - $150/year member listing. Meet smart, talented lively women you will enjoy working with and receive direct referrals. Visit the site for more information and reach out to me with any questions you have.

I plan to continue to have zoom meetings so women from out of state professional groups and networking groups can join and we all can learn from each other.


2021 - MWAW Take Charge Books to read

  1. Books to try (affiliate links)

Principles: Life and Work Hardcover – Illustrated, September 19, 2017

by Ray Dalio (Author)

  1. She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur Paperback – February 21, 2017

by Carrie Green (Author)

Activities to jump-start your year, goals, and aspirations

  • Vision board - solo or zoom with friends and build them together using various materials to create a board with your vision

Click the link to see how to create one.

Encourage and lift up women in 2021 - We can make this a great year together.

Be sure to listen to this episode for more about kicking off the year with attitude and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube or under any format you use. Look for us under the title “Women at Work, Life Happens”.

Be sure to check out our shop page where we share additional business books for strategies, motivation, and inspiration. SHOP MWAW

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