Our hearts go out to all small business owners, solopreneurs, independent contractors, retailers, restaurant owners, doctors, lawyers everyone; and most of all our first responders-grocery cashiers, health care workers, first responders, truckers , farmers and so many more! No one is spared in this pandemic. And although we have no quick fixes or answers for these  crazy times  we know that by working together and supporting each other we will get thru this. We are committed to providing any information we may receive to support small business, we are open to your suggestions and to any programs that help support others.

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I find this to be a great book to read during these difficult times. Sophia's life clearly was not perfect, she was not gifted her business and her approach in writing this is direct and authentic. She went from dumpster diving to a hugely successful business, whats not to like:)? The Amazon reviews are mixed but of course what product isn't. well worth the $12.00

Featured member:

Featured Member


 POSTPONED "Kick Butt in Business"

Due to these turbulent times and in order to be sensitive to what is going on in the world we

have decided to postpone this until further notice.

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A quick motivational read:


 This is a must have! Easy to use professional  tool for great lighting for creating live videos/still shots with smartphone or computer. No guarantee but it helped me hide my wrinkles:)

Gloria Atherstone

Gather Wine Bar


Women at Work, Life Happens

"Why now is the time to diversify"

“Plan B” …… we all know we should have one and there’s never been a better time to take a deeper look at options.  Jayne Brodie, a long time MWAW member, shares how she created her Option B after the 2008 recession by looking outside the box.   She was already in her 50’s and had a very successful ad agency…..she shares a candid conversation about how (and why!) she changed not only her career, but her lifestyle as well.   Great inspiration and food for thought as we are all facing change right now….the question is always what we’re going to do about that change.

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Audrey Hepburn

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible,"


Women at Work, Life Happens:

"Cancer, Joann's Journey" 

An open and honest conversation told with a little humor for anyone that has been diagnosed  with cancer. Joann was not just diagnosed once but twice with breast cancer and her story may help you with your journey in that she lets you know what to expect and how she felt during the different layers of acceptance. And for those that have friends that have been diagnosed with cancer this will help you understand how to offer support and help heal. An important message.

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Podcast with Susan Fox, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine:

"Aging Gracefully and Naturally" .

After the age of 52 (not 50:) I really started noticing  my skin aging and wow did it happen fast. So I reached out to my dear friend and MWAW member to share with us simple tools that will help us feel better in our own skin. Take a listen!

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