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MWAW/SWAW Networking Luncheon

Welcome to our Marin Women at Work site
a great place to connect with women in business, shop our favorite items and books and sign up for our events.
Everyone is welcome!

We are on a mission to support women in all aspects of business...solopreneurs, marketing managers, coaches, writers, lawyers, real estate, health care...

Quick links for our events, non-fiction reads and books written by our members.

Marin & Sonoma Women at Work
Add Travel! Girls Trips!

I love to travel and traveling with friends is so much more fun; and that is why I wanted to create a group for women that also love to travel. You do not need to be a member, you do not need to be single you just need to love to travel! Email me to sign up for updates on our trips-no obligation. And just mention travel!

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A huge thank you to
MWAW/SWAW sponsor

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Shop some of our favorite products, just click on the photo.

Use this link for discounts on on your favorite stores. If you are not familiar with the app, Rakutan actually gives you cash back on many of your every day purchases. Another way to save money!

The ugly Christmas sweater winner! Or it should be:)

Not interested in the ugly Christmas sweater? Then this sequin bomber jacket is perfect for a pop of sparkle.


Overcome your fears, let go of the past and believe in you! A motivational read.

New to pickleball? This is the perfect set to get you started. Then join MWAW for a casual game of pickleball.

Reflexology foot massager. I know what you are thinking how can this flying saucer work. And I have no idea but after walking on this-and it hurts your feet when you start, your legs start to feel so good!

Please excuse our affiliate links, its the best way we have found so far to share our favorite books and products with you.

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A huge thank you to the
North Bay Business Journal  for their continual support of women in business. And for featuring Marin & Sonoma Women at Work in their May 2023 addition. Northbaybiz

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Active Campaign

I was once told if you are not using a CRM you are losing sales! After trying several different CRM's I went with Active Campaign for the functionality and the price!

Active Campaign Link



I love Canva! Since I have started using the Canva app my Instagram posts have a more consistent professional look and its free!

User friendly:

Sign up 

Small Business Development Center

This program is available in many cities in the US and is a great resource for small business. Mostly free but if there is a charge its minimal compared to for profit support. Check out our local chapter Marin SBDC: 

YWCA 50+ Workshops

Tech training, resume workshops and full/part-time job leads:

For more info:

Tools/workshops  that support business development

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About me:
I am a single mom of a 26 year old, 2 rescue dogs. I currently live in Sonoma, am an avid reader and love fashion and everything outdoors.

I founded MWAW 7 years ago as I have always loved working with and supporting women. I believe that by working together we can thrive not survive, live our best life and be successful-together.


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Networking for business

I want to network with local women who are invested in supporting one another, and that’s why I joined!  Moya Meckel/North Bay-At Aesthetics

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