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More than a networking group> Women on a mission> To grow our community> Build engagement>Show our support> Small businesses & side hustles>And live our best life>

Welcome to our Marin Women at Work site,

a networking & direct referral group for women in business.

Please excuse our affiliate links, its the best way we have found so far to share our favorite books and products with you.

Are you feeling doubt?

Are you having one of those days? Weeks? Where you are feeling doubt about your business? Do I have what it takes to be successful? Will I make enough money? As a small business owner we all have those times when we doubt ourselves. And add a pandemic and geez of course our insecurities surface. 

If you are feeling doubt, read this book. It was written a very long time ago-after the depression. But it has so much value that I encourage all that are feeling a little doubt a little insecure in your business to read it.

And please email me your thoughts,

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Member Spotlight

Brittany Keyes

The Keyes Agency/State Farm

“After 15 years in the mortgage industry, it’s time for change. I'm truly grateful for all that I've learned, for the incredible people I've met and all the support over the years. As one sun sets, another rises... I just acquired my P&C license and am excited to be moving in to insurance personal and commercial lines.” Agent, Insurance License #0M24604

This week's podcast: "FODA-fear of dating again and how to be successful at online dating"
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"Women at Work, Life Happens"

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Ten Reasons to Join our Networking Group 

  1. Community-building a network of women in business that support you and that you support.

  2. Enhancing your network-everyone would like more business.

  3. Learn from your peers-we have a diverse mix of businesses, allowing for discussions on trends in business & technology updates.

  4. Staying inspired-staying motivated can be a challenge in small business ownership, seeking advice from the group is invaluable.

  5. Finding a side hustle-looking for a new career or additional income one of our businesses may apply to you.

  6. Make new friends-we are so much more than referrals.

  7. Resource support-books, podcasts, blogs.

  8. Raising your company profile-hyperlinks and additional exposure from other members through their associates.

  9. Collaborative Networking-we work with other networking groups for exposure and sharing of knowledge.

  10. Mastermind Groups- sharing ideas and receiving genuine feedback.

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We network together.

We support non-profit events together.
We hike together.
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Networking for business

I want to network with local women who are invested in supporting one another, and that’s why I joined!  Moya Meckel/North Bay-At Aesthetics


About me:

I am a single mom of a 23 year old, 2 rescue dogs. I currently live in Sonoma, am an avid reader and love fashion and everything outdoors.

I founded MWAW 5 years ago as I have always loved working with and supporting women. I believe that by working together we can thrive not survive, live our best life and be successful-together.

We have many fabulous networking groups in Marin but I wanted (needed) a group that connected on another level. I want to be serious about building businesses and offering support while also enjoying our time together. No boring meetings!

I am a hugger (when we can) passionate about making and keeping connections, and driven for success. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, join us and share your stories with us. 



Tools/workshops to help support your business

YWCA 50+ Workshops

Tech training, resume workshops and full/part-time job leads:

For more info:

Small Business Development Center

This program is available in many cities in the US and is a great resource for small business. Mostly free but if there is a charge its minimal compared to for profit support. Check out our local chapter Marin SBDC: 



I love Canva! Since I have started using the Canva app my Instagram posts have a more consistent professional look and its free!

User friendly:

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