10 Home Based Small Business Ideas

Podcast Link/10 Home Based Business Ideas

As the founder of a networking group for women in business I am consistently approached by women that want to re-enter the work force after taking time off to raise kids, or they are ready to quit their corporate job or they just need some additional income.

And for that reason this podcast is a list of 10 businesses you can do right from home. The list is compiled from articles I found in an online search. This is not meant in any way to limit you to these top ten but it is meant to be an example of the opportunities out there for you.

Use it as a guide to follow your passion your creative side and then create your perfect career path. And be sure to listen to the end as we do provide additional suggestions that did not make the list.

A reminder, state licensing taxation etc. varies in all states. Be sure to do your due diligence and research before opening any small business.

Podcast Link/10 Home Based Business Ideas

Resources: SBDC/Small Business Development Center-a national non-profit supporting small businesses. A free service with a wealth of resources/found in most areas of the US.

I am an avid reader, be sure to check out our business book recommendation list: