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Tips for Healthy Skin, Hot Flashes, & Sleeping Better

Better not perfect. This is what Alex states in her podcast and I can't agree more. It's all about making small changes in your diet that will help support healthier skin, reduce hot flashes, and sleep better. Full Podcast Link

What are your morning habits? Start with a positive morning ritual. Gratitude Journal? Warm cup of coffee/tea? Visualization? Read something positive/motivating? And start with a healthy protein! Add flax seed!

Calcium: you don't need to add dairy. Eat more greens, Vitamin D, Vitamin K1&2, spinach, kale dark greens!

Hydration: also through cucumbers, romaine, butter lettuce.

Sleep: reduce stress by relaxing through meditation podcasts, lavender oils, stop the scrolling on Instagram, no violent shows. And eating healthier throughout the day. And of course less alcohol.

Skin: sleep, hydration, flax seeds, and finding ways to reduce inflammation fatty foods fish-salmon & anchovies, seeds & nuts, maca root, cacao powder. Vitamin A & C, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes.

Eat the color of the rainbow plus nuts, like brazil nuts, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds.

Five Steps

Better not Perfect

Morning Mindset

Eat the Rainbow

Flax Seeds

Add brazil nuts, almonds


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