To Podcast or not to Podcast

To be perfectly honest, I started out thinking video was the way to go but what I realized is I really don't like myself on camera. So that was out. Then I did a little (lot) of research and found total value in listening to podcasts. I spend a lot of time in my car and podcasts are a great way to learn and even laugh! As I am shy and private by nature the thought of recording my thoughts and stories was terrifying to me; and like most individuals I don't really like the sound of my own voice! But guess what, I am having so much fun with this and sharing the stories of MWAW members that I wish I had started it years ago...I know, crazy right? But really our group is all about sharing and this is the perfect venue for it!

How I got started:

I listened to many many podcasts and I took notes of what I really liked, what I thought worked and especially when I didn't see value in listening. The best advice that I got and that I want to share with you is simple--just do it. Just start recording (not just practicing out loud but actually recording) you can always delete and it really does get you more comfortable with a mic.

Other things I learned: be prepared, be sincere and passionate about your topic, mistakes are okay it will sound less automated if you leave in a dog barking in the background or sneezes and snorts-it makes you humane. Most of all know the subject matter and add value for your listener.

Another tip: get a good mic, they are not expensive and they reduce exterior sounds especially for someone like me who talks with her hands. Purchase mic:

I truly encourage each and every one of you to share your knowledge, to support others, and have some fun with this. I am technologically challenged so if I can get this done so can all of you. Or contact me and perhaps we can record a podcast together.

And please share and subscribe to our podcast so that you do not miss out on all of our members fabulous stories.

As always much success,