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Social Media Made Easy/Dr. Sydne Pomin (DC)

This podcast will help you to understand how easy it is to support each other in business by liking, commenting and sharing blogs, podcasts, facebook events, instagram and all social media. In listening to Dr. Sydne you will learn that by just taking a few minutes each day to view social media posts by women in business, and yes even your competitors, you are not only supporting them in their endeavors but you are establishing yourself and your business as an influencer, a connector, and someone that cares about building their community.

This does not mean just giving a thumbs up, it means engaging. It means commenting! And ladies your comments should be no shorter than 4 words or it does not help the Google ranking of the post. In addition share when appropriate. If you are attending an event share it and invite others to join you, if a blog post resonates with you share it-it will resonate with your followers too.


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