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Make it Happen in 2022/ 4 Part  No Fluff Business Success Webinar Series!
4 powerful women 4 powerful webinars.

Purchase one at $30. or all 4 at $100.
Email us for the webinar link at

Jodi Witz headshot.jpg

Webinar #1
"How to jump start your profits in business."
Jodi Weitz Business Coach
What you need to do today to be financially successful-systems and tools.

Sandra Dinardi headshot.jpg

Webinar #2 
"Optimize your website, is your current website really working for you."
Sandra Dinardi Web Content Consulting
SEO, analytics things you can do at home to improve your website performance.


Webinar #3
"Build strategic alliances, referrals and join ventures."
Gail Nott Take Wing Coaching & Lift
How to build community relationships & referrals without selling.

Jen Marples head shot_edited.jpg

Webinar #4 
"Social media training: How to show up confidently & expertly online & maximize your impact."
Jen Marples Business Advisor & Coach
Social media and your business, the changes, platforms and how to be successful.

Email us for the link(s):
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