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Susan Kenny

Susan Kenny LMFT

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Hello! My name is Susan Kenny. I am a psychotherapist and I provide counseling in both Marin and Sonoma County. I love my work and I feel passionately about helping people find relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues, as well as relief from physical conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and other physical challenges.

I provide somatic psychotherapy which is a body-centered approach that focuses on the mind/body connection. Through tracking and understanding the nervous system I help clients gain an understanding of themselves and what will help them thrive! My style is warm and relational and together we slow things down to find inner wisdom and healing.
I work with adults and older teens providing in-person and virtual sessions and I offer weekly virtual workshops to build somatic awareness, mindfulness and relaxation. In these workshops I use art process, guided visualization and mind/body exercises to help develop and strengthen resilience. They include both educational and experiential components providing participants with many tools for managing stress, supporting relaxation and creating wholehearted living!

For more information please visit my website at, follow me on IG for inspiration and healing tips, and stay tuned for my upcoming podcast, “Pausing on Purpose”, interviewing people who have found richness and joy in slowing down to meet each moment, no matter what the moment brings!

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