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Pia Darling

PiaHealing-Unleash Your Calling

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Email: Cell: 415.798.7616
VM: 415.855.0993

If you are longing to progress to your next level of being seen, heard and desired for your contribution, I have a proven method to get you there. I compassionately support women who feel stuck and hesitant when making tough decisions, or challenged by stepping further into their calling, who yearn for more visibility and fulfillment yet not sure how to make it happen.

My joy is offering you a clear and deep connection with yourself so you can trust your uniqueness and talents, own the power of your feminine energy and be appreciated for who you are.

My life has been a dual path: Corporate, where I’ve watched women twist out of shape to adapt and fight to succeed, losing themselves in the process; and Healing, where I hold certifications in hypnotherapy, holistic health counseling, somatic emotional integration and hand analysis. These paths have shaped my expertise into guiding inspired women to unleash their soul’s calling and expand their impact..

I expertly mentor my clients to heal old traumas that hold them back, invigorate the passion that drives their purpose and land in heart-centered power.

Get unstuck. Embrace your confidence. Grow your success with ease and grace.

Let’s talk. I’d love to hear where you are in your life and what goals you are excited to reach. Schedule time to meet at Delighted to connect with you!

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