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Paula Hermannn

Strategic Communications Consultant
Principal, PH Creative Strategies

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As principal of PH Creative Strategies, I bring ideas, missions and brands to life.
I take concepts from ideation to execution by integrating 25+ years of project management,
marketing savvy and multi-dimensional thinking to unlock possibilities and achieve
extraordinary outcomes for my clients. Whether you are developing a new initiative,
rebranding, launching a fundraising or marketing campaign or mulling over an idea that needs
traction, I can provide energy, creativity and expertise to bring it to fruition.

Everyone has a superpower–mine is my writing agility. With a journalist’s passion for
storytelling and a compassionate heart, I create stories of impact that change minds and hearts.

I have written white papers on homelessness, developed donor impact reports for universities,
crafted thought-leadership content for CEOs and designed marketing materials for such major
brands as RE/MAX, University of California and CarMax.

Let’s connect over a cup of coffee or glass of wine! I thrive when I am surrounded by the energy
and spirit of wonderful women who live and work with passion.
 Strategic Visioning & Ideation
 Marketing & Communications
 Executive Thought Leadership
 Project Management
 Fundraising and Development
 Event Planning

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