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Meredith Herrera

Meredith Herrera Leadership Coaching and Consulting

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Hi, I’m Meredith. I am an executive coach who specializes in supporting female leaders and leaders of color. Over 20 years, my traditional career path found me ascending to diverse senior leadership roles. But my professional success required neglecting other priorities in my life—a struggle I saw mirrored in many other leaders and executives. I felt called to a new vocation: Helping individuals and organizations tap into a greater sense of capacity, efficacy, and belonging. Now, as an executive coach, my passion is to enable historically marginalized leaders build resilience and find joy in their careers. I believe our best selves emerge when we operate in harmony with our values. It’s only when our values, identity, and purpose intertwine that we feel most aligned as humans, best able to lead a professional life where we don't just survive … we thrive! In addition to a Master's degree in counseling, I am a certified executive coach and a Board Certified Coach. If you're looking for an empathetic coach who will help you operate strategically and achieve your professional goals all while avoiding overwhelm, I hope you will get in touch!

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