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Laurie Bishop

Laurie Bishop
Become Studios
Portrait Photographer for Business Women 50+

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Laurie Bishop Founder/portrait photographer
I am the founder and creative director of become studios — a brand-building photography service, committed to being an advocate for women 50+ on their women-preneur journey.

After 20+ years running a brand design business, I created become studios for women in business like me in their 50’s, 60’s and up, to be seen. Whether through a camera, a conversation, or my imagination, I see the possibilities in women-preneurs and bring them out. And I do it all with a pretty relatable and down-to-earth sense and sensibility.

I bring myself fully to every project and with the unique lens of a creative director who sees the whole picture, not just one shot. And I ask my clients to do the same because to do anything less is to believe less in yourself. To not give yourself the credit you deserve. To not see yourself and allow others to see you.

Do you want to look like everyone else? or do you want to look like you?

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