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Annie Bachelder

Annie Channels

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+1 (415) 846-2422

Reverend Annie Bachelder has over 34 years experience doing readings as a gifted channel, psychic, medium, healer, and spiritual teacher. Her natural abilities are enhanced by practicing and teaching "Opening to Channel", "Awakening Your Light Body", "How to Read the Akashic Records", "Healing Self Doubt" and "Body Revelations". Despite overcoming personal challenges, including 10+ years of multiple sclerosis disability, three tubal pregnancies, and disappointing adoption experiences, Annie channeled the transformative book "Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness, an Akashic Records Guide to Living a Fulfilled Life". This empowering book offers Akashic Records based exercises and energy skills to help you live a Soul fulfilled life, release past life and ancestral interferences, and increase your natural connection to the Divine. Her daily practice of embodying her soul's light guides her personally and in serving her clients and students. This practice provides readers with greater calm, confidence, and clarity while exploring their own soul and their soul's Akashic Records, and humanity's innate unity with the Divine.

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