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FODA-fear of dating again, & how to date successfully.

In this podcast Cassie Zampa-Kiem, author of Finding Love After 50, talks about how to be successful at online dating. For many of us dating after 40 is no easy task. It's time consuming, confusing at times, a bruise to the ego and it seems like there are no more good partners out there.

But the reality is, there are good people it just takes a little effort, some time, perseverance, patience and the right tools. The right conversations, the rights photos, the right sites, confidence combined together and we can have success in online dating.

This is a conversation every single woman should listen to. Cassie is fun, direct, smart and sassy.

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Notes to remember:

Cheap in the wallet, cheap in the heart.

Secret Sauce: date multiple partners and compare.

It's a numbers game, don't date down.

Another Women at Work, Life Happens podcast not to be missed: "How to get out of your own way in dating, and find your perfect partner": Podcast Link

Two must reads! I have read both of these books and learned so much about me & about what to look for in a partner. Attached & Finding Love After 50/book links:

Contacting Cassie:



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