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Hello and welcome to our first blog post on our new Marin Women at Work website. I wanted to start with a positive message and motivational story to help encourage all entrepreneurs. From just starting out, considering entrepreneurship, mildly successful and already successful.

I honestly do not know how I came across this Youtube video as I do not watch X Factor. But I loved this young woman's story so much that I knew I wanted to share it with all of you! I hope Rachel Potter's story inspires you as much as it did me and that you will see the parallel of the risk she took on stage with the journey you have chosen to take in small business.

Rachel was living in Florida and at the age of 29 moved to Nashville because her dream was to become a country singer. Now in the video you will hear her state she is "no spring chicken" and those of us over 50 can relate, but what is important is she went for it. And not only did she have the courage to make the move and appear on stage but her professionalism and poise said it all. She knew this was her chance and gosh darn she went for it! She nailed it, every note every movement exuded confidence; how great would it be if all of us felt the same way while "pitching" our business. And what that said to me was, if you are going to go for it-dive in, jump in with both feet, show no fear, tell everyone you are going to be successful even if you don't feel it.

My message to all of you: be fearless, pick a career you love, be prepared and embrace it with all you have to give.

And from the friendship side or support side: fuel your friend or relatives goal of being an entrepreneur by being present, supportive, showing up and encouraging them on their new road. And share share share on social media, its free and it helps the small business owner gain exposure.

For Marin Women at Work members I want to thank all of your for your support of the women attending our luncheons. You can feel the encouragement in the room when a new member mentions she has lost her corporate job and is looking for that next step. Barbara Monty of Monty White LLC has the largest female owned law firm in Marin and she supports the solopreneur as well as the employee based companies. Brittany Keyes w/State Farm Insurance is the connector extraordinaire, Melissa Prandi always encourages women supporting women and a huge thank you to all of our MWAW members that embrace our guests with support, kindness and understanding. You know who you are!

I hope that you enjoy this video and message as much as I do:



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