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Sally Clapper

Career Compass

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I’ve helped a lot of college students, recent grads and entry-level job seekers go from overwhelmed to employed.

For many young professionals, landing their first career-defining is an overwhelming project. Dozens of things need to be done. And there’s an order to them. Having a plan – and executing it – matters. Adapting to change matters.

And keeping at it, working against the rejections, staying in the right frame of mind – that matters in 2021 more than ever. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, to give up, or to simply be spinning your wheels doing all the wrong things to actually land.

Career Compass offers one-to-one coaching and also the Job Accelerator Program, an intensive 4-week program. In one month, participants have a complete job search roadmap unique to them, their field, and their career goals. Plus a complete professional LinkedIn profile, a personal marketing plan, a resume that gets through Automated Tracking Systems, and a compelling cover letter.

Job searching is hard work. No one should have to go it alone. Spread the word to anyone you know who is a parent of an entry-level job seeker or with any college students and recent grads you know who could use the support to land that next right job faster and easier.

Free resources, guides and upcoming course information:

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