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Linda Anderson Henry

Prosperity Circles
Linda Anderson Henry, MBA
Holistic Business Coach & Financial Mentor

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I am the founder of Prosperity Circles and a Holistic Business Coach and Financial Mentor. I help Creatives, Consultants, and Coaches fund their big picture vision–a vision that supports both the business and the business owner in prospering.

Many business owners focus on making more money only to find that it’s still not enough. I offer a Passion, Purpose and Profit mentorship program that provides a pathway for funding your vision. It begins with clarifying your vision and how much money is enough. From there, working together, we can get strategic about how to best use your time and resources to fund your vision. And, whether it’s working privately, in a group or both, you'll have structure, accountability and support for taking consistent, focused action that help you get traction on your vision and financial goals.

I learned business and financial basics working in corporate finance, earning my MBA in Switzerland, and setting up and troubleshooting accounting systems. As I built my own business, I faced many of the same challenges as the business owners I serve. What I discovered is that while business and financial expertise are essential for business success, a new approach was needed. Over the past 35 years, I’ve pioneered an innovative business model that integrates positive, practical business, financial, and Spiritual principles, tools, and practices.

I’m certain that it would’ve saved me decades of struggle if I’d had a mentor who had walked this path to guide me. To find out more, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session here.

Here's to funding your vision of happiness & success!

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