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Emily Brown

Bridge Translation Services

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Business Descriptions -

Bridge Translation Services is a language services company that provides high-quality medical interpretation services to Spanish-speaking individuals in person and remotely.

Our team of certified medical interpreters has additional certification in Spanish for Emergency Medicine and extensive experience in social work services to immigrants and all

vulnerable Spanish language dominant people. Our mission is to provide access to culturally sensitive healthcare while preserving the unique beliefs and values of each patient.

About Me -
As a native of Marin County, I have spent time living in Texas and Central America. I am an English-Spanish interpreter and translator with a focus on medical terminology. With a Master of Science in Social Work and 40 years of experience in various non-profit programs as a manager, I am passionate about helping others and building bridges between communities. I possess comprehensive skills in program development, communication, and policy creation, along with employee and volunteer training and supervision. I have expertise in various areas such as bilingual communication, people management, program development, collaborative and strategic planning,

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