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Adrienne Thomason

Adrienne Thomason PT
Pelvic Physical Therapist
Root Wisdom Coach

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As a licensed physical therapist for 38 years, Adrienne has worked in many specialties and with many modalities that have shaped the evolution of creating Women's Root Wisdom. Her approach combines traditional pelvic physical therapy, holistic pelvic therapies, and Root Wisdom Coaching.
She initially practiced more traditional pelvic physical therapy with training through the American Physical Therapy Association. In working with and holding space for women of all backgrounds and challenges, she discovered that true healing transcended beyond the physical only realm. When women are supported with a combined physical, emotional, and energetic approach, transformation and healing can occur.
Reasons to see Adrienne Thomason, PT: Pelvic or vulvar pain, pain with sex, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual challenges, preparing for pregnancy, postpartum (ask me why all postpartum women should see a pelvic physical therapist), painful menstrual cycles, after pelvic surgeries, before any pelvic surgery, pelvic floor dysfunction, and concerns of perimenopause and menopause. She offers a free 15 minute consultation by phone. Call (415)-619-6609 to schedule.
Adrienne has relocated from the Virgin Islands to be near her daughter’s family with the birth of a granddaughter. She has sailing and the water in her bones and loves to be in nature on the many trails around north bay. She is honored to be here and serve the women of Marin and Sonoma County, with office hours in San Anselmo and Petaluma.

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