Sydne Pomin

ThriVia Chiropractic and Natural Health

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Address: 610 D Street, Suite A San Rafael, CA 94901

Hi! I’m Dr. Sydne Pomin, DC (she/her) and I am a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic, an Estima Method Certified Coach, and the owner of ThriVia Chiropractic and Natural Health.

ThriVia is the combination of the words Thrive (to prosper, flourish) and Via (a path, a way through). ThriVia - Your path to thriving!

I found myself in the world of chiropractic after a neck injury in my early 20s. I started to experience debilitating migraines that no traditional method of treatment could help. My first chiropractor not only was able to get my neck pain and headaches to resolve but also taught me a new perspective of health! I was so inspired by this new experience, I quit my job after years in corporate management and signed up for the classes needed for chiropractic school. Many people told me I was “too old” to start such a venture, but I was determined this was my path.

In Latin, the word “doctor” roughly translates to “teacher.” I am a self-proclaimed geek (insert geeky glasses push here) and I love staying up-to-date with the most recent information about health. My love of knowledge and my passion for human health and movement allow me to support my patients with information about how they can feel better, faster. I believe our bodies are our vehicles to experience more joy in our lives and helping my patients feel more joy is a key factor in everything I do!
Human-centered chiropractic care is another area of passion for me. I have studied the ways physical and emotional trauma can be stored in the body. I combine this awareness with the impactful, healing abilities of the right chiropractic adjustment delivered for that unique person at the right time to drive life-changing results with my patients. When patients want to deep dive and create sustainable, long term results with their overall health I coach people to improve their hormones, increase their energy and a sustainable way to release weight from their bodies.

My motto: Our body's ability to heal is far greater than anyone has allowed us to believe!