Susan Kenny

Susan Kenny LMFT

Hello! My name is Susan Kenny. I am a psychotherapist and I provide counseling in both Marin and Sonoma County. I love my work and I feel passionately about helping people find relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and any other difficult emotions. My focus is on building internal and external resources through helping clients gain an understanding of themselves and what will help them thrive. Through the therapeutic alliance I assist clients at deepening relationships, building coping skills and enhancing their well-being.

I work with adults and children providing individual psychotherapy, groups and workshops. Currently I am creating groups for people wanting support around coping with the pandemic, its dimensions of isolation, fear and grief and finding ways to feel relief, relaxation and resilience. I use modalities of art process, mindfulness and somatics to help participants gain a deeper understanding of their reactions to the pandemic and to develop a grounded, multi-faceted way of coping. In other words, participants will learn many tools for their emotional toolbox!

I would love the opportunity to introduce myself and talk with you about my work.

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