Ogle Michelle

Michelle C. Ogle-Gaglione LMFT
CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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After 17 years as a Psychotherapist, I continue to be passionate and excited about the work I do, the community in which I live, and the people I serve. I am a California native, having lived in several places along the Northern and Southern California coastlines and now reside in Marin County. I have worked with a variety of populations including adults, couples, child and family, foster care, transitioning adult youth, LGBT and Cancer survivors and caregivers. I have also valued the variety of settings at which I have worked including private practice, County Behavioral Health systems, outpatient clinic management. I have also provided workshops for relationships, communication, anxiety management in community and business settings. and assisting in ones’ professional growth. I am honored to accompany each persons’ unique journey and have met some amazing people along the way.