McLaughlin, Florence

Luxury Color Design

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Florence McLaughlin has successfully guided hundreds of customers toward beautiful interior and exterior paint selections through her vast experience, educated approach and color sensitivity. After Florence studied art and painting for 9 years, she decided to spearhead the challenges of color and strictly pursued Architectural Color attending the studios of the infamous Joann Day. She is committed to ensuring a successful outcome to each and every residential and commercial project in the creation of a harmonious color palette that is specifically tailored to you.

Choosing paint colors for your home or business can be overwhelming. Eye For Color will not only eliminate the angst but also help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. Her experience and thorough knowledge of what makes up a color, Florence is able to foresee how a color will change from the sample to your wall saving you time and frustration. A pamphlet of paint samples from the paint store may show some fine color combinations, but as a knowledgeable color consultant, Florence knows how to apply them – in placement, quantity, value and saturation. She is adept at moving color throughout the space, achieving balance and color flow. Whether it is enhancing curb appeal, driving customers to your business, creating a mood or making a favorable statement, all can be achieved through the proper use of color.

As a working professional and artist, Florence has a refined sense of color, yet refrains from imposing her own personal color preferences upon you, the customer. Each space should reflect the spirit and soul of the people who inhabit it. Aware of current color trends, her concern is not merely with decoration, but how you will ultimately feel in your surroundings.