Maggiore, Mary Ann

Launching Young People into Adulthood Independent Consultant

We bring 18 years of experience to this work, creating a support system and guiding our young clients to employment. We have an 85% success rate connecting young adults with satisfying work. Instead of a life that’s going round and round, they find direction, focus, inclusion, satisfaction, growth, money, and meaning. Young people who are facing all kinds of issues can make the transition from feeling like an outsider into belonging to a team. We are very well-connected with companies and organizations that hire our candidates and treat them just like other employees. Even those emerging from recovery. We believe that finding a good job can help stabilize them. Our approach helps all kinds of young people find their place in the world. Even those who are grappling with difficult issues increase their likelihood of long-term and rewarding work.

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Marin Women at Work

Marin Women at Work is a networking group throughout the North San Francisco Bay Area, including Marin and Sonoma Counties. We encourage and support one another through networking, connection and referrals.

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