Jensen, Meredith

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Meredith Jensen brings two decades of investment experience to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and provides bespoke financial solutions to a diverse group of families, individuals and entrepreneurs. Meredith is dedicated to simplifying financial complexities while staying committed to consistent communication and transparency. Key focus areas: o Establish and adhere to rigorous processes for communication, administration, and investment review and analysis. o Pursue deep due diligence of investment opportunities and options, including the application of quantitative and qualitative analysis. This involves consulting with investment, tax and legal professionals on behalf of clients. o Maintain flexibility while providing clear advice. Investing, planning, executing and advising are all iterative and evolving – and run in tandem with changes in peoples lives. o Behavioral finance and family education is an increasingly important aspect Meredith’s wealth management advisory work. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Meredith spent seven years at UBS as an Executive Director and held positions as a Vice President at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan analyzing and advising on international equities. Meredith holds a BA in international economics and math from Vanderbilt University and an MBA with concentration in accounting and finance from Columbia University.



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