Eve Cooper

Eve Cooper College Counseling

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As a college and career counselor and a school counselor, I have been assisting students and parents for nearly 20 years.
I am passionate about what I do and provide a superior service to my students: listening, guiding, caring and engaging.

I have provided many families, students and adults with career and college search and eased their stress and anxiety.
My professional training and experience continually enriches my knowledge. Coming from the school background gives me a clear advantage -
familiarity with school systems, educational options and programs as well as supporting students of all abilities.

Active membership in professional organizations, visiting college campuses, engaging and brainstorming with my peers, and
talking with college admissions officers has provided me with invaluable resources for me to pass along to students.

Master's in Counseling; Credentials in School Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Sonoma State University
College & Career Counseling Credential, UC Berkeley