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Brit Lesnett

Brit Lesnett
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist seeing clients in person and online. I became interested in mind/body healing from a cancer diagnosis 22 years ago. Knowing how much our thoughts greatly affect our well being, I love helping people replace negative thought patterns with empowering suggestions to feel more ease, comfort and joy. My ideal clients are those that are motivated for change and are willing to look within for guidance on healing and their best path forward. Hypnotherapy is applicable to many issues - anxiety, phobias, trauma, habit control, performance, and insomnia to name a few. Additionally, I am certified in Medical Hypnosis to work in greater capacity with chronic illnesses such as MS Parkinsons, IBS, migraines, cancer and other autoimmune issues, offering pain management, pre and post surgery, treatment and recovery support. Our subconscious mind, and inner wisdom, are powerful tools for support and change!!

Prior to becoming a therapist, I had a career in the wine industry. I graduated from the Academy of Art and worked as Production Artist, Designer, Project and Production Manager in Packaging for small studios and large wineries. I love art and design, DYI projects, painting, pastels and ceramics. I’ve volunteered at Halleck Creek Therapeutic Riding Ranch and the Marin/SF Food Bank. I also enjoy hiking, backpacking, cycling, swimming, dancing, climbing, kayaking and investing/trading.

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