Biasiolli, Kelly

Meet the Moment Well

Do you ever find yourself wanting a second chance to play out a challenging moment in your day?
Kelly helps professionals and leaders who want to maintain their composure, confidently and effectively speak their truth in charged conversations, and more skillfully navigate day-to-day stressful interactions. Using a movement based approach rooted in mindfulness and the nonviolent martial arts, Aikido, we work with the body to change the brain - helping you to show up with more courage, compassion and ease in everyday moments of stress.

As a Leadership Embodiment Associate, and longtime facilitator and instructor with Outward Bound, Kelly has worked with leadership teams, corporate groups, and individuals, to develop greater awareness of and access to the innate wisdom within the body. Her passion is helping people tap into the present moment - aligning with what matters most, while cultivating capacity for resilience, resourcefulness and deeper connection.

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Marin Women at Work

Marin Women at Work is a networking group throughout the North San Francisco Bay Area, including Marin and Sonoma Counties. We encourage and support one another through networking, connection and referrals.

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